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Creating a decentralized, uncensorable, P2P currency vs Delisting SV

Hey Guys,
So sometimes when I discuss something controversial, I come off as inflammatory - not my intention in this. This is meant to be a bigger discussion of the goals and ideals of crypto, some things I've noticed in general and the questions that it brings up for me.
In the last little while when I come to btc, I see lots of conversations that seem to follow some of these issues:
You know what I mean. If I were to put it into "We should move towards a decentralized future to ensure that we can't be censored again".
And then today. We go and the top 5 stories are about different exchanges delisting SV. I go into the comments and read things like:
"Apparently the market is not taking kindly to the BSV principals suing everyone." - My first thought: No the centralized exchanges aren't. The markets was still using it.
"BSV is getting delisted from Binance, Shapeshift, and probably Kraken. Hopefully more exchanges follow." - First thought: How is this any different than guys like Jordan Peterson or Alex Jones getting banned from Patreon, Youtube, etc?
"I can't help but feel the true supporters of Satoshi's vision (BCH) really did well." - First thought: Very true. But was this the work of the market or the work of exchanges?
"Best news all year. Love seeing the crypto community band together and oust this group of crooks. Major, major props to Binance." - First thought: So if we don't like it we get rid of it?
"The fact that BSV was added to any exchange in the first place baffles my mind." - First thought: What would happen if it were a DEX?
To be clear - I am in NO way a Craig Wright or SV supporter. I thought it was crap from the get go. Maybe there are two groups of people on this sub - one fighting for a decentralized future and another who is cheering on the SV delisting - but (on a guess) I think that the two groups are pretty close to the same.
But it gets me thinking about a decentralized future, what it brings and what it means to be truly uncensored and let the market decide.
Everyone has opinions. Many of them differ. It's really easy to see when your own opinion is being stifled (see bitcoin). It's not always to easy to see when you are cheering it on (see SV). Especially if the end result is better for everyone in the end (see SV).
The market, by and large, is stupid. Look at the amount of scam coins, fake ICOs, etc. that have been incredibly successful in the last few years.
In a decentralized world, how do you deal with that? How can you stop the SVs? The scam ICOs? The Bitconnects? We could educate - but people will slip through. We could let the market correct, but how long would that take? And if there's one thing I've learned there will always be a better scammer. We could find a way to "de-list" but that goes against the whole idea of the thing doesn't it?
Or is this a non-binary question - is there some level of centralization (ie. Power) that needs to be retained in order to prevent this? And who would check that power? How would they check it? How would it be uncorruptable?
Obviously all of these are very open ended questions. I know how I feel on a lot of them - but I'm not entirely sold that my feelings are correct or valid. I agree with the removal of BSV, Alex Jones and Jordan Peterson - but is this one of those "and then they came for me" moments? Are they predatory people preying on the unsuspecting public or do they really believe in their opinions?
I only ask because these are tough questions that we should be asking ourselves as we're guided towards the future. What are your thoughts? I'd love to hear them.
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